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Our Services

Immigration Services

Personal immigration: Navigating the UK’s immigration system as an individual, a couple or a family can be daunting. The rules are often complex and wrapped up in application systems which can feel inaccessible. That system and the rules are constantly changing, particularly now as the UK has left the EU.

Business immigration: Our services extend to all types of applications under the Points Based System and other non-points-based routes to live and work in the UK.

Personal injury

If you’ve suffered a personal injury or been made ill, you may be entitled to compensation. It doesn’t matter whether you were in the UK or abroad, at work or in a public place, our personal injury solicitors are here to help.

Everyone is entitled to go about their everyday life in safety. Unfortunately, the fact is that every year tens of thousands of people in the UK are injured or made ill by the carelessness or negligence of others.

Our highly experienced team of lawyers assist clients to navigate the constantly evolving areas of UK immigration law.

Civil Matters

A civil dispute is a private case, which involves either individuals or individuals and organisations aiming to resolve an issue outside of criminal law. Whether in your personal or business life, disputes are an unfortunate reality. Resolving a dispute involves either litigation (going to court), or alternative dispute resolution (settling your dispute outwith court).

Alternative dispute resolution can help you resolve your legal or other disputes without the time and expense of litigation.

Criminal Matters

Facing criminal charges or being under investigation can be incredibly stressful. If you’ve been arrested or face a criminal charge in Court, you need the advice and support of an experienced criminal defence lawyer immediately.

If the police wish to interview you as a suspect, you can speak to us beforehand. We can advise you before the police interview, and can attend the interview with you. This applies whether your attendance will be under arrest or voluntary.

Property Inspection Report

A property/home inspection report is a report required by the Home Office for entry clearance or settlement to establish that after the arrival of the applicant the accommodation will not be overcrowded and is suitable for living under the UK Housing Act.

The Inspection Report can be used for a spouse or civil partner’s visa, fiancé/fiancée, and proposed civil partner, or any other visa/ immigration where you need to prove that new arrivals will not need to be further re-housed once they arrive in the UK.

Advice Package

We advise clients on any immigration issues for UK visa

Advice package:
from £100/hour

Application Package

We help clients make UK visa applications to move or stay in the UK

Application package:
from £800 (fixed fee)

Appeal Package

We assist clients to appeal a refusal of their visa application to the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum)

Appeal package:
from £1200

Fast Track Package

Premium application service that ensures your visa application is submitted to meet your deadline

Property report £150

Other General Services Include

Notaries Services

To certify documents

Document certification £20 per page

Power of Attorney

We help clients draft a legal document enabling someone to act on their behalf.

Power of attorney £150